Sunday, March 20, 2011

Liver Walk is now Going to be a Liver Party

Carie posted this change for the event we will have on May 19th. More details will come as we figure everything out:
Hey everyone,

Due to a lot of road blocks, prayers, and lack of funding, I've decided to 'downsize' this walk/5k to an upgraded PARTY! The legal side of things for a walk/5k are too big and long and hairy for me to hash out between now and May 19th.

...details are forthcoming, for a BBQ on May 19th with games, sports, and a lot of space to enjoy ourselves!!!

Everyone is encouraged to bring a couple dollars to donate to the cause that night if possible. If not, just come have fun!!

You are still welcome (encouraged even!) to sign up for the Liver Life "Walk" on the website to show your support. And, you're still encouraged to donate and/or fund raise for the cause!

If you have any questions about it, let me know. We'll have a lot of fun and enjoy ourselves more than walking around the streets of Provo. :) See you all May 19th!

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